“I had a tummy tuck/lipo body contouring done back in Dec. I’m over 3 months of my post op. I weighed 138 lbs the day of my surgery. I’m now at 117 lbs. I lost 21lbs since my surgery plus changing my diet. The surgery gave me a huge outlook on life. I cut bad carbs, sugar, bad processed foods, and bad fat out of my diet. I know eat a lot more veggies, fruit and chicken breast . I work out at the gym 6 days a week now. Dr. Kuy gave me a second chance. I’m 46 yrs old and feel a lot healthier. My scar is a very straight incision that is below my bikini line in which I love and he did an awesome job. I highly recommend Dr. Kuy and his staff. His staff is so friendly and they answered any question that I had. My surgery was done at St. Elizabeth hospital in Edgewood KY. I had an awesome group/team that worked with me and made me feel comfortable The day of my surgery… I highly recommend Dr. Kuy and his staff…. He not only answers all my questions but, also they made me feel comfortable and they have passion on what they do. Dr. Kuy even called they evening after my surgery to make sure I as doing OK. (a lot of Dr.’s don’t do that). He made it more personable when he called. A lot of surgeons don’t do that. Surgery is an art and Dr. Kuy is awesome with his art….. If you need and plastic surgery done Dr. Kuy is the Dr. to do it!!! Thank you to Dr. Kuy, your staff, and surgery team!!! You all rock and changed my life for the better!!!”

S. (Edgewood, Kentucky)

“My top lip is significantly smaller than my bottom lip, and I had been thinking about getting filler to enhance my upper lip for a long time. I finally decided to try it and chose Dr. Kuy because I had heard many good things about him. This was my first experience with fillers so I was extremely nervous. I had a million questions and worries, and Dr. Kuy very patiently talked through them with me. While he performed the procedure I was still very anxious, but he remained very calm and reassuring the entire time. He was also extremely gentle — one day after the injections I have no bruising, no pain, and very minimal swelling. I am very happy with the results. My upper lip looks fuller but very natural because of the small amount of filler he used. I will definitely be going back to Dr. Kuy in the future.”

B. (Cincinnati, Ohio)

“8 months ago, at age 60, and after much reflection and research and 4 consultations with other surgeons, I chose Dr. Kuy to perform my breast augmentation. His professional and calm manner together with his direct communication and honesty about expectations, risks, and options gave me the confidence I needed in a surgeon, especially at my age. I couldn’t be more thrilled and completely satisfied with the results. I’m 5’10” with a sturdy frame and I wanted to go with an implant size that would suit my larger frame. I had very small, saggy and, by Dr. Kuy’s description, tubular breasts, and Dr. Kuy couldn’t be certain how large he’d be able to go. I gave him instructions to go as large as he could without being freakish. I completely trusted his judgment and artistic eye. I came out of surgery with 650 ccs in each breast. Subfascial placement. Of course all swelling is long gone and my breasts have settled into beautiful natural looking and feeling breasts. There is a natural looking hang/slope to them that my significant other and I had hoped for. We didn’t require high and perky 20-something breasts. No sign at all of capsular contraction. Dr. Kuy has told me my results are better than even he expected. They are fabulous! I went from a 38 low B to a full 40DD. They are the breasts I should’ve been born with. They fit my body perfectly. Dr. Kuy is an artist.

Dr. Kuy’s staff were a pleasure to work with. Warm and informative and responsive. I dealt mainly with Kirsten, who is very skilled at her job, very caring and reassuring. Customer care gets the highest ratings.

I must add that I was also a borderline case for breast lift. I knew unequivocally that I would NOT consult to a breast lift. Dr. Kuy NEVER tried to talk me into a breast lift. This is contrary to the opinion and position of another surgeon I consulted, who was rude and insensitive and actually told me he would NOT do a breast augmentation on me UNLESS he could do a breast lift. I left that other doctor’s office in tears.”

S. (Cincinnati, Ohio)

“I highly recommend Dr. Kuy! He and the entire staff did an excellent job every step of the way. I appreciated speaking directly with Dr. Kuy who answered all of my questions and provided me with options. This was a procedure that I had wanted to do for quite awhile and the staff was able to schedule my surgery in just days to meet my needs. Everyone made me comfortable and worry free on the day of my surgery. Thanks again Dr. Kuy and staff!”

A. (Villa Hills, Kentucky)

“Your office staff is amazing. Everyone is so friendly, helpful and patient, too. Dr. Kuy was amazing in explaining everything and his follow up (personally) after the surgery was so impressive.”

K. B. (Union Kentucky)

“Dr. Kuy,
I can’t thank you enough for your expert skill in performing my surgery. I endured no pain! You are an exceptional plastic surgeon and I will definitely seek you out for my future needs. I wouldn’t consider allowing anyone else to perform surgery on me! Thank you again for taking such excellent care of me!”

N.R. (Cincinnati, Ohio)

“I wanted to thank Dr. Kuy for changing my life by giving me more confidence. Your office is so professional and I would tell anyone looking for a breast surgeon that you are the best.”

J.B. (Crestview Hills, Kentucky)

“Dr. Kuy,
Thank you for my mommy make-over. It was a great experience and I love my new look! I will definitely refer my family and friends”

J.B. (Hyde Park, Ohio)

“Dr. Kuy,
What a wonderful experience. I would do it over again in a minute. It’s the best thing I have done for myself, next to having my children. The staff was incredible. Dr. Kuy, you are a miracle worker!”

M. R. (Cincinnati, Ohio)

“Everyone was excellent. Dr. Kuy made me feel good about my surgery decision before and after. Very professional and personable. I will recommend this office to everyone I meet.”

D. E. (West Chester, Ohio)

“Your office staff is amazing. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and patient. Dr. Kuy was amazing in explaining everything and his personal phone call after surgery was so impressive.”

R. C. (Villa Hills, Kentucky)

“Everyone was wonderful. Dr. Kuy did a perfect job on my breast augmentation. I especially appreciated how honest open his patient coordinator was with me about implant sizes and recovery.”

L. R. (Mason, Ohio)

“Dr. Kuy,
A heartfelt thank you on behalf of our client and the shelter for your generous donation of time and skill. What an incredible boost to her morale and personal self esteem. Thank you for assisting victims of abuse.”

Janet Hoffman (Executive Director – Abuse & Rape Crisis Shelter of Warren County)

“Dr. Kuy,
Thank you so much for the great job you did on my breasts. I really feel so much better about myself. I appreciate your creative and artistic ability.”

P.G. (Cincinnati, Ohio)

“Dr. Kuy,
From my first appointment until the day after surgery, you were there whenever I needed you. You answered every question. I am so pleased with the results your skillful hands accomplished. You have truly changed my life, Dr. Kuy, and I will always be grateful. Thanks again.”

A. S. (Cincinnati, Ohio)

“Dr. Kuy,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for all you have done! I can’t tell you how much better I feel now. Every day I wake up and can’t believe the skin is gone! It may sound odd, but it really has changed so much of my life and I appreciate you working with me more than I can say!”

J.K. (Cincinnati, Ohio)